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Mirra: good luck with that. The only thing I have to hide is bad habits, and you're not gonna learn anything important from that.
[dipper glares at her, then looks at mabel]
Mirra: hey, how long until the cupcakes are done?
Mabel: still about 7 minutes.
Mirra: [glances at messy table] how about we clean up everything except the sprinkles and stuff, since we still need to decorate.
[the two girls start to clean up, Dipper still stares at Mirra suspiciously.]
[10 minutes later, Mabel, Mirra and waddles eating some of the cupcakes. Mabel offers one to Dipper but he declines]
Dipper: Ok, so obviously I'm asking the wrong questions. Could you at least tell us where your from? Or why you're here?
[Mirra stares blankly out the window, and continues eating the cupcake. long pause]
Mirra:[gets up from chair] Sorry, guys, but I think I'm getting a little sick. [runs to the restroom]
[about a minute later, someone rings the door bell, Stan answers. On the porch are the two Agents from the intro, the second one trying to do something with his gadget.]
Stan: [grunts] Who are you? What do you want?
Agent 1: [holds up ID, with the name Wolf Boulder] We're from the FBI. Have you seen this girl? [hold up photograph of Mirra] 
Stan: no. Wait, is there, I dunno, some sort of cash reward thing on her or? [grunts again, scratches his ear]
Agent 2: [still messing with device] Yeah, isn't there like a $1000 reward or something? 
Agent Wolf: [glances back] yes. [turns back towards Stan] Keep an eye out for her.
Stan: [spits] can do.
Agent 2: Wait, we should do a scan of the area, too. As soon as I get this [motions towards the gadget] to work.
Agent Wolf: agreed. [to Stan] Is there anyone else here that I could talk to, anyone else that might have seen her?
Stan: well, there's Soos, and my great niece and nephew, but I wouldn't bother talking to them. The all have overactive imaginations. Sheesh. [allows agents inside]
Stan: [entering kitchen] All right people! These guys are gonna come in and ask you personal questions and sort through your stuff!
Dipper: what?!
[the two agents come in. Mabel rushes over to them]
Mabel: You guys want cupcakes?
[agent Wolf declines, agent two grabs one and starts licking the frosting off.]
Dipper:[to Stan] What the heck do they want?
Stan: [now with a mouthful of cupcake] mmph, somefn bout a grl. [snorts and leaves]
[dipper turns back to look at the Agents] 
Agent Wolf: [to agent 2] stay here and ask them questions, I'm gonna have a look around.
Agent 2:[nods, once Wolf leaves, looks at twins. pulls out photograph, mouth also full of cupcake] Haf oo feen dis grl?
Mabel: what?
Dipper: [recognizes photo. glares at it] What's it to you?
Agent 2: [swallowing cupcake] We've been following here for a while, after the Bay Area incident.
Dipper: Bay Area incident? We live near there, and I've never even heard of that. [suspicious glance at agent Wolf, who's still touring the Shack.]
Agent 2: Well, we kept it under wraps, and it was less than a week ago, so I'm not too surprised you didn't know about it. 
Dipper: So what happened?
Agent 2: Confidential. Can't tell ya kid. [glances around nervously]
Agent Wolf:[calling from somewhere else in the Shack] Is your dark energy detector working yet?
Agent 2: I'm getting some ley interference, but it should still work.
Agent Wolf: Then come up here and start scanning!
Agent 2: coming! [picks up device and runs upstairs]
Mabel: what was that all about?
Dipper: [grabs Mabel and starts heading up stairs] We're gonna find out!

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