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complex brush/ set of simple brushes
brushes for use in photoshop. one simple brush or picture brush is 1 point. contact me for more info



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I talk to objects-Stamp by CookieKipenda
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

I love all kinds of art, including music. ^.^

3DS friend code: 3368-2737-1543

CHECK OUT MY SCRAPS FOLDER I sometimes post stuff there instead of my main gallery

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Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

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:iconscribblespoon: :iconalbino-lucario: :iconcanadacacomiclover: :iconkanoomoo: :iconnikevi: :iconitachi-roxas: :iconwingedkobrathethird: :icontheshinigamiinside: :iconpayrey: :iconchalk-q: :iconnightfury128: :iconrayaroja:

Things I need to stop fangirling over:
*My existence
*Bill Cipher's existence


TD giraffe by MF99K
TD giraffe
another request for :iconuranimated18:

this took me the exact amount of time to make as Lilo and Stitch 2 is long lol
Rage mode
jammies <3

I was angry at Bill the other day and drew this idk
today on the beach... by MF99K
today on the beach...
found a baby seal! (technically sea lion but yeah)

it seemed to be doing ok but I had to protect it from a few dogs that wanted to play with it
I'm not really the biggest fan of sleepovers, mainly because sleep usually isn't in the equation for me. Having a sleepover almost immediately after being sucked through a cross-dimensional portal definitely wasn't gonna result in much shut-eye.
The twins were much nicer than I had expected. Though Dipper wasn't exactly the social butterfly, he didn't show much suspicion towards me, and only really interacted with us to make some snyde remard to, or about, his sister. Mabel was nice enough to lend me some of her stuffed animals as pillows, though she made up for it by being loud. 
About an hour later it was silent. Mabel was muttering in her sleep, and Dipper was still awake, immersed in some book. I rummaged around in one of my bags to check the inventory. Sure enough, the book was there. I dismissed any possible dangers in bringing it out (it's not going to change anything) and turned a portable reading light on to read it. For the situation I was in, it could easily be life saving, though I kinda doubted it. At some point Dipper must have noticed that I was reading, because I could sense his eyes on my back. Without looking his direction, I addressed his gaze.
He quickly shot his eyes back to the book he was reading.
"I said, what were you looking at me for?"
It was silent for a moment before Dipper acknowledged my question.
"I, I was just curious about what you were reading, is all." He sheepishly buried his face deeper into his book. I frowned.
"You don't have to be all reclusive like that. I don't bite." Another pause. I figured I might as well answer his question.
"It's this book about the multiverse and stuff. You know, the idea that there's more than one universe." His expression changed to something I can't quite describe, but I could tell he desperately wanted to read the book in my hand.
"You -y -you wanna trade?" Dipper asked shyly. I shrugged and tossed the book towards him. Part of me started complaining that giving a galatean a book like that was a bad idea, especially considering the deal I had made with Bill.
So what? I asked the voice. As long as he stays away from the portal, it won't matter. I knew that I was probably wrong about this, but at the moment I didn' care. As long as I had their trust, I could direct them away from the portal as much as I needed. If they (mainly just Dipper) trusted me, they wouldn't be suspicious and therefore wouldn't spy. I returned to the present to see that Dipper had put the book he had been reading next to where I was sleeping. I was proud of him to see that it wasn't anything important, but it still might be interesting. It was a book about mythology, with a sphinx on the cover. I had a chill go down my spine after looking at the creature more closely, but I quickly opened the book to browse through it. And yup. It just so happened it was THAT sphinx. That triple eyed feline of doom. But... but she was my creation, right? This drawing was probably just some artistic representation of a sphinx that just happened to look like that beast. I closed the book and laid down. I could hear Dipper scribbling something frantically in his journal. Eventually I hear him yawn, and the scribbling morphed into snores. I laid back down and tried to sleep. My brain and my heart wouldn't let me rest, however, both frantic with my current situation.
Told ya told ya told ya told ya stupid what have you done
The voices in my head were even louder, more irritating than they were before. I managed to shut them up by reminding them of my only goal here: to regain my sanity and return home while at the same time preventing Bill from claiming what he believed what was rightfully his and destroying everyone's sense of reality at the same time.
I guess I should explain myself. I'm what you might call a Pygmalion. Someone that, for whatever reason, has an innate ability to create and or communicate with those living on another plane of existence. Not like a spirit medium, though. My interactions with other dimensions has helped shape my understanding of the multiverse, what with its separate levels of universal resolution and what with all the other hard-to-explain concepts that govern it. But as I was saying, spirit mediums communicate between the beta-verse, our section of the universe, and the alpha-verse, which as far as I understand is the afterlife. Pygmalions, or muse mediums like me, can communicate with the Omega-verse (Galatean verse) and Gamma verse (Muse verse). Many people can be a 'malion and not even know it. Most 'Malions are artists and vice versa. Ever since I was a child, strange things would happen to me, things I could not explain. When I was in preschool, I would hear voices. Not full conversations, just a single, echo-y word, tangible enough that I would ask everyone around me who had just spoken. Then there were dreams, some of which predicted the future with uncomfortable accuracy (truthfully, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with being a malion, but several dreams have involved interactions with creatures and characters that I didn't know existed until later. Darkrai was probably the most chilling example of this, since he wasn't leaked until the day after I had the dream.)
And then we have Bill. The triangular ass who decided I was the perfect tool to get to what he wanted. Why was I perfect? Well, I was a pygmalion first off, he wouldn't have been able to manipulate me if I couldn't pay attention to his messages. Then, there was location. Bill's real-world counterpart lived in my town, taught at my school. A few times I've complained in exasperation of why did he have to involve a third party in this. But then, Alex was way too far away to do anything, and he had never met real-Bill. But who knows, maybe Bill had gotten in contact with him that one time he came to visit the mutant giraffe at our zoo.
God I hate that triangle.
Last and not least, there were numbers. I really don't understand why the golden ratio was designated as a portal key, but from what I understand, the more something is associated with phi, the golden number, the easier it is to interact with parallel universes. And I was just covered in that number. My parents were married on June 18th, 6/18, at the same church real-Bill was married. A legal identification number of mine has it, just hanging out inconspicuously as if it wasn't important. My address and id add up to 618, blah blah blah, my favorite bird is a Phoebe (Phi-B). Basically that number shows up way more than it needs too. 
And after all the other crap that happened to me after Bill took notice, well, Bill managed to steal my sanity. And because he's sooo thoughtful, he offered to give it back to me as long as I helped him with his plan. I'm not gonna share the details with you now, but basically it's selfish and guaranteed to have a ton of mental collateral damage. (Way to keep the third parties out of it, Bill... Good job.)
So now, two years later, Bill had finally decided it was time to send me across dimensions to reclaim my sanity. Which of course meant that he was much closer to fulfilling his plans, which, once fulfilled, would screw everything over.
My only real chance was to reclaim my sanity and return home before Bill wreaked havoc. Which I soon learned would be much harder than anticipated.
first off I finally got the 3Doodler I ordered like, 2 months ago. I might post some stuff once I get the hang of using it, but its a bit louder than I thought it would be, a bit more toxic than I thought it would be, and a lot harder than I thought it would be

on a different note:

Don't ask me to explain how I managed to arrange this because it's a bit complicated, but I'm going to do an interview with Bill Cipher soon. Some people have already given me questions to ask him, but I want to give everyone a chance to give me some ideas of what to ask. if you have an idea post it in the comments section

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